What is a CFO Day?

It is a service that provides immense value to the business owner. This is perfect for someone who is looking for financial guidance within their business isn’t ready to onboard and add recurring monthly bookkeeping services.

Services that can be provided:

  • Systems Implementations

    Implement a bookkeeping system and teach them how to use it.

  • Bookkeeping System Audit and Clean up

    Review of the current bookkeeping and tax completed up to date and assess the needs.
    Clean up and make improvements to messy bookkeeping.
    Please note that prices vary depending on the current state of the books.

  • Financial Process Audit

    How is your business invoicing?
    How is your business accepting payments?
    Should your business be collecting sales tax?
    Are the business sales tax settings set up correctly in the point-of-sale system?
    Is your using Stripe or PayPal heavily? If so, should we link PayPal to the bookkeeping system?

We can always customize a service based on your business needs.

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